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A short coat for easy maintenance (w/ slight shedding)


A small, compact, muscular body


Frenchies can only tolerate moderate to light exercise, and they require

very little exercise to stay fit. They can NOT run with you for miles.


Their short face and snub nose means lots of snorting,

wheezing, grunting, snoring and other nasal noises.


Frenchies CANNOT swim! They sink to the bottom, and must be

supervised 110% of the time when near any water deeper than

chest level. This cannot be overstated, be careful!


Frenchies have a short face, which can cause difficulty

breathing and inability to cool properly.

They cannot be left outside in the heat unsupervised.





Short bursts of energy, like a tightly coiled spring


Ultimate lapdogs, perfectly happy in your lap all day

and next to you in bed.


Very affectionate and cuddly

A French Bulldog is still a Bulldog. They can be pushy, stubborn,

dominant, etc. They really are a big dog in a little body.


Frenchies love to be the center of attention, and have a

unique clown-y personality.

They love everyone and are friendly with all people.



From the AKC Website:

There is a difference of opinion as to the origin of the French Bulldog, but one ancestor must have been the English Bulldog - probably one of the toy variety, of which there were a great number in England around 1860. These toy Bulldogs were sent in large numbers into France, where they were crossed with various other breeds and were given the name Boule-Dog Francais. One found dogs with rose ears, while others had bat ears which is now an outstanding feature of the French Bulldog.

Another distinctive feature of the French Bulldog is the skull. The correctly formed skull should be level, or flat, between the ears, while directly above the eyes, extending almost across the forehead, it should be slightly curve, giving a domed appearance. In the early days of breeding in Europe, the tendency was toward the rose ear. This movement was opposed by Americans and the breed would eventually lost the feature that strongly accentuates its individuality, and the result would have been practically a miniature English Bulldog.

This controversy over type was responsible for the formation of the French Bulldog Club of America, the first organization in the world devoted to the breed. In 1898 fanciers gave a specialty show in the ballroom of the Waldorf-Astoria . The affair proved a sensation, and it was due, no doubt, to the resulting publicity that the quaint little chaps became the rage in society.


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